Student leaders oppose BYU joining Big 12

Three Student Governing Association leaders said they are opposed to Brigham Young University's bid to join the Big 12 Conference.

Spring 2017 SGA Voter’s Guide

Check out the candidates and their goals!

Engineering dean asks president to ‘ignore’ students, increase fees

The dean of the College of Engineering wants "to convince President Myers to ignore" the vote of the students on the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

Ayres, Baalman win student body president, vice president

Read more to find results of Student Governing Association elections.

Inclusivity in Big 12 expansion resolution passed

The Student Governing Association passed a resolution calling for the Big 12 Conference to only accept new members if those universities have inclusive values and policies.

Roman-Leverett campaign disqualified from SGA presidential election

Student body presidential candidate Paloma Roman's campaign has been suspended from the K-State student body presidential race due to inaccurate expense reporting, according to sources familiar with the matter.

SGA pleads for stop to ‘F*** KU’ chant

K-State's student government pleaded with students to stop the infamous chant in an email to student leaders Monday evening.

Kelly asks student to file report against his campaign, says he wants to be...

Twitter video shows Ryan Kelly asking for help to get disqualified from SGA presidential race.

SGA’s officers compensated more than $57,000 combined

Officers of the Student Governing Association receive compensation and scholarships from student privilege fee dollars.

Jacob Casey says he has ‘no intention of winning’ student body presidential race

For Jacob Casey, his student body presidential run is about the journey, not the victory.

This transfer student is making waves fighting student issues at K-State

Jonathan Cole, a Butler Community College transfer student, is using his connections to RESULT, elected officials and Student Governing Association to combat issues that are pertinent to K-State students.

UPDATE: Multicultural organizations call for greater university diversity support

Posters promoting white nationalist ideals around campus prompted outrage, condemnations and opposition from various campus organizations.

Mindrup, Zwick: ‘Focused on You.’

Matt Mindrup and Emily Zwick, candidates for student body president and vice president, sit down with the Collegian to talk about their campaign: "Focused on You."

SGA virtual meeting delayed by ‘zoombomber’ who played an adult video, racial slur

It's a trend called zoombombing that's seen an increase in frequency as several universities, schools and businesses use the online platform to continue meeting through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roman, Leverett: Raise the bar, meet the need

Two people, two goals. Paloma Roman and Michael Leverett explain their platform for student government.

McDermott, Abounabhan: ‘She’s Bringing Change.’

Sarah McDermott and Mary Abounabhan, candidates for student body president and vice president, sit down with the Collegian to talk about their campaign, "She's Bringing Change."

Ayres, Baalman: ‘Your Degree. Your Campus. Your Voice.’

Jack Ayres and Olivia Baalman, candidates for student body president and vice president, sit down with the Collegian to talk about their three platforms: "Your Degree. Your Campus. Your Voice."

Kiehl, Pitts: Expect more from your college experience

Kiehl and Pitts challenge students to hold their university to a higher standard.

Roman-Leverett campaign reinstated following appeal to Student Tribunal, presidential election delayed until Thursday

With only hours to go before the scheduled start of K-State's general elections, the Roman-Leverett student body presidential campaign was reinstated Tuesday morning following an initial decision to disqualify the campaign.

Voter’s guide: K-State student body president primary elections

Candidates on the primary election ballot for student body president include Jack Ayres, Sarah McDermott and Matt Mindrup.