Spring 2017 SGA Voter’s Guide

Check out the candidates and their goals!

SGA passes bill disapproving of committee findings, creates special committee

Kansas State Student Governing Association created the Special Committee on Diversity Programming Committee Reform last night with no objections.

Drop-off lane seeks to ease game day parking woes

While the influx of several thousand fans into Bill Snyder Family Stadium has caused traffic and safety issues in the past, a new drop-off lane seeks to address those issues.

Penny takes first round of student body presidential election

Jansen Penny wins the student body presidential primary with 54.4 percent of votes.

Tel Wittmer emphasizes the land grant mission in student body presidential campaign platforms

Study body presidential candidate Tel Wittmer says he is willing to put his student teaching semester on hold to lead K-State.

SGA endorses concealed carry of Nerf guns

Walmart Nerf aisle bare following passing of senate Nerf bill.

Less than a semester into her college career, Lily Colburn is already heading an...

From elementary school student council to chair of the Special Committee on Membership, this freshman strives for progress.

Rebuilding: How student government is tackling the concept of representation

Of the respondents who replied to the SGA demographic survey, 77 percent identified as white.

Kelly asks student to file report against his campaign, says he wants to be...

Twitter video shows Ryan Kelly asking for help to get disqualified from SGA presidential race.

Student leaders address lawsuits against university

The student body president and vice president discussed the lawsuits that allege K-State did not adequately respond to reports of rape at off-campus fraternities.

SGA to introduce resolution against BYU

Brigham Young University's bid to join the Big 12 Conference is at odds with a Student Governing Association resolution set to be introduced tonight.

SGA recommends senate candidates be allowed to campaign in residence halls

The senate passed a resolution that recommends student government candidates, specifically interns, be allowed to campaign in university residence halls.

Guest editorial from Ayres, Baalman campaign

Jack Ayres and Olivia Baalman, candidates for student body president and vice president, address the student body in this guest editorial.

Letter from the student body president and vice president

Student body president Jack Ayres and vice president Olivia Baalman present their annual address to the K-State student body.

Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approves new process for fee proposals, approval

The Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approved a new, streamlined process for approving college tuition and fees.

SGA interns often become the leaders in the student body. Here’s why the program...

This term's SGA intern program, a hybrid of two separate projects, is designed to help address how students interact with the governing body.

Student senate approves bond surplus for Cats’ Cupboard, introduces changes to DPC

Sarah Barrett, founder and supervisor of Cats' Cupboard, highlighted the opportunities the program provides to students.

Student leaders oppose BYU joining Big 12

Three Student Governing Association leaders said they are opposed to Brigham Young University's bid to join the Big 12 Conference.

Current SGA leaders speak out on officer compensations, disapproval bill

Three leaders of K-State SGA offer their perspective on the officer compensation disapproval bill passed by the Student Senate.

Mindrup, Zwick: ‘Focused on You.’

Matt Mindrup and Emily Zwick, candidates for student body president and vice president, sit down with the Collegian to talk about their campaign: "Focused on You."