Street Talk: Post-graduation plans

What are your plans after graduating?

Street Talk: Leap Day

How will you be spending your extra day?

Street Talk: College degrees

Is a college degree important?

Street Talk: What are you listening to?

Find out what people on campus were listening to when we interrupted them.

Street Talk: The Oscars

We asked K-State students on whether or not they watched the Oscars.

Street Talk: Spring break

What are your plans for spring break?

Street Talk: K-State internal practice

What do you think about the K-State internal practice that allows individuals to use the restroom that accords with their gender identity?

Street Talk: From The Players

Who are you most excited to play against this season?

Street Talk: Time, money or happiness

Would you rather have time, money or happiness and why?

Street Talk: Sexual Assault

Should the university be legally required to investigate off-campus sexual assaults of students?

Street Talk: Spring break

What did you do for Spring Break?

Street Talk: Picking Shirts

We asked students why they picked their shirts for the day

Street Talk: Replacing Varney’s?

What do you think should replace Varney's in Aggieville?

Street Talk: Interim President

[What do think about Gen. Richard B. Myers taking over as interim president?]

Street Talk: Fourth of July

What do you love about the fourth of July and why?History started on July 4th 1776. Everything before that was a mistake.—Bryce Jablonski, Manhattan...

Street Talk: Campus food

If you could have access to any food on campus what would it be and why?

Street Talk: College freshmen’s first impressions of K-State

Week one is done! What did five freshmen have to say about it?

Street Talk: ‘Sandstorm’ controversy

What do you think about the "Sandstorm" controversy?

Street Talk: Flag etiquette or freedom of speech?

Does having or not having flag etiquette fall under freedom of speech, why or why not?

Street Talk: Father’s Day

How do you celebrate father’s day?