Street Talk: Growing Beards

How long have you been growing your beard?

Street Talk: Thoughts on President Schulz’s announcement

What are your thoughts on President Kirk Schulz leaving K-State?

Street Talk: What are you currently binge watching?

We asked people what is their new TV fix

Street Talk: What are you listening to?

Find out what people on campus were listening to when we interrupted them.

Street Talk: Flag etiquette or freedom of speech?

Does having or not having flag etiquette fall under freedom of speech, why or why not?

Street Talk: Net Neutrality

Should internet service providers allow equal access to all websites?

Street Talk: Favorite Apps

What is your favorite app and what does it do?

Street Talk: Kansas City Chiefs’ Draft Pick

We asked K-State students how they felt about the Chiefs drafting a quarterback in the first round.

Street Talk: Spring break in one word

Describe your spring break in one word. Why that word?

Street Talk: Country Stampede

Are you going to County Stampede this year?

Street Talk: Trump or Clinton

What is the most memorable thing Trump or Clinton has done in the election thus far?

Street Talk: Spring break

What did you do for Spring Break?

Street Talk: Engineering Fees

We asked engineering students if they would be willing to pay more fees.

Street Talk: Leap Day

How will you be spending your extra day?

Street Talk: Orlando Shooting

What are your thoughts on the Orlando shooting?

Street Talk: Manhattan summer

What is the most exciting thing to do in Manhattan this summer?

Street Talk: Zoo

How do you feel about zoos?

Street Talk: Fake Patty’s Day plans

What do you plan to do for Fake Patty's Day?

Street Talk: The Election

How do you feel about the election almost being over?

Street Talk: Picking Shirts

We asked students why they picked their shirts for the day