Street Talk: What are you excited for on game day?

Five students weigh in on what they're most excited for at the first home football game of the Kansas State Wildcats' season.

Street Talk: Zoo

How do you feel about zoos?

Street Talk: Engineering Fees

We asked engineering students if they would be willing to pay more fees.

Street Talk: Presidential Inauguration

What is your opinion on the presidential inauguration and the protests surrounding it?

Street Talk: What do you love about the Fourth of July?

Collegian photographers ask K-State students and Manhattan locals, "What do you love about the Fourth of July, and why?"

Street Talk: Sexual Assault

Should the university be legally required to investigate off-campus sexual assaults of students?

Street Talk: Campus food

If you could have access to any food on campus what would it be and why?

Street Talk: Summer Health

What do you do to stay healthy and active during the summer?

Street Talk: Dead Week

We asked the real victims of dead week how they are holding up.

Street Talk: Country Stampede

Are you going to County Stampede this year?

Street Talk: Fake Patty’s Day plans

What do you plan to do for Fake Patty's Day?

Street Talk: Thoughts on President Schulz’s announcement

What are your thoughts on President Kirk Schulz leaving K-State?

Street Talk: Voter ID laws

Do you think voter ID laws are helpful or hurtful for voters? Why?

Street Talk: Net Neutrality

Should internet service providers allow equal access to all websites?

Street Talk: Staying cool

What are you doing to stay cool this summer?

Street Talk: College freshmen’s first impressions of K-State

Week one is done! What did five freshmen have to say about it?

Street Talk: Travel

Do you think it is important to travel when you are a young adult?

Street Talk: Prince

What is your favorite Prince song and why?

Street Talk: Summer plans

What are your plans for the summer?

Street Talk: Midterms

What was your most difficult midterm?