Street Talk: Waiting for books

How long were you standing in line for the bookstore?

Street Talk: Living in the dorms

What is your favorite or least favorite thing about living in the dorms?

Street Talk: Oscars excitement

What are you most excited about regarding the Oscars and why?

Street Talk: ‘Pokémon GO’ teams

What team did you pick for 'Pokémon GO' and why?I picked Team Mystic because everybody plays blue around Manhattan.–Connor Leers, junior at Manhattan High...

Street Talk: Surviving Finals

What are your tips for surviving finals week?

Street Talk: Manhattan summer

What is the most exciting thing to do in Manhattan this summer?

Street Talk: Travel

Do you think it is important to travel when you are a young adult?

Street Talk: Inspiration for volunteering

What inspires you to volunteer?

Street Talk: Favorite Apps

What is your favorite app and what does it do?

Street Talk: College degrees

Is a college degree important?

Street Talk: ‘Sandstorm’ controversy

What do you think about the "Sandstorm" controversy?

Street Talk: The Election

How do you feel about the election almost being over?

Street Talk: Prince

What is your favorite Prince song and why?

Street Talk: Replacing Varney’s?

What do you think should replace Varney's in Aggieville?

Street Talk: Post-graduation plans

What are your plans after graduating?

Street Talk: Thoughts on President Schulz’s announcement

What are your thoughts on President Kirk Schulz leaving K-State?

Street Talk: What do you love about the Fourth of July?

Collegian photographers ask K-State students and Manhattan locals, "What do you love about the Fourth of July, and why?"

Street Talk: 18 and older bars

We asked people how they felt about Aggieville bars being 18 and up.

Street Talk : Country Stampede

Why did you come out to Country Stampede this year?

Street Talk: Summer plans

What are your plans for the summer?