Another round of tuition increases, budget cuts for fall semester

Kansas Board of Regents approves tuition increase request at June meeting.

Student expenses outpace consumer national average at K-State

The Economics Club released its annual Student Price Index, a report that tracks changes in the prices of goods associated with being a K-State student.

TFSC validates College of Engineering committee’s vote to approve fee increase

At the end of a long discussion, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee decided to approve the vote in favor of a $15 per credit hour fee increase for the College of Engineering.

BREAKING: Fall enrollment down nearly 1,000 students

K-State enrollment for the fall 2017 semester drops to 22,795.

K-State signals $15 million in budget cuts

Despite a little extra monetary padding in the bank, Kansas State will still seek a tuition rate increase and budgetary reductions.

Get to know a fee proposal: Why Hale Library is requesting $1 per credit...

Eighty percent of money raised through a fee proposal goes toward upgrades and improvements at Hale Library while the remaining 20 percent goes toward maintenance.

Students approve university-wide fee for Business building, renovations

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee approved a $4 per-credit-hour fee to raise $1 million for academic building renovation and maintenance and $900,000 for the Business building project.

‘Fees are heroin,’ K-State at financial breaking point

Pat Bosco, vice president of student life and dean of students, said fees are heroin and Kansas State is at a financial breaking point during a Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee meeting.

Regents approve K-State tuition increase

In the wake of recent cuts to the higher education budget, Kansas college students are facing rising tuition costs.

Student Services Fee provides more than students realize

The Students Services Fee gives students several benefits each semester.

Kinesiology, personal financial planning representatives vote in favor of course fee increases

Both fee proposals faced very little debate before being voted upon.

Student committee hears business and academic fee proposals

A proposed $4 campus-wide per-credit-hour fee would help the College of Business pay off its new building.

After review, tuition and fees committee approves review of College of Arts and Sciences...

The College of Arts and Science's $16.70 per-credit-hour fee is used appropriately, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee decided.

Committee discusses tuition, fees models

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee met for the last time before winter break.

Counseling Services seeks privilege fee increase

Counseling Services director Dan Larson spoke to the Privilege Fee committee about how a privilege fee increase could help mitigate new challenges such as a more-than-150 percent increase in demand.

Guest editorial: A threat to K-State’s shared-governance model

A former SGA senator writes about the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

Tuition committee: Increases could be smallest in over a decade

Even though the prospects of state funding were unclear, TFSC evaluated next year's possible tuition rates.

K-State College of Business proposes $15 per-credit-hour fee increase

College gets down to business by proposing a $15 per-credit-hour fee increase to decrease class sizes.

TFSC: Engineering fee increase would pay graduate assistants, fund lab upgrades

TFSC says the proposed K-State engineering fee increase would provide compensation for graduate teaching assistants and open up avenues to renovate lab spaces, if passed.

Effects of this year’s budget cuts lie in the hands of division leaders

The Board of Regents decided to keep tuition flat for resident undergraduate students with a 1.5 percent increase for graduate and non-resident undergraduate students.