Privilege Fee Committee moves to increase Counseling Services’ allocations

The weeks-long debate for an increase to the Counseling Services' privilege fee allocation concludes with a motion to draft legislation for a recurring five percent increase over the next three years.

Privilege Fee Committee continues review of request to increase Lafene funds

A week after touring Lafene Health Center, the Privilege Fee Committee continued meetings with Lafene representatives to review a request for an increase in funds.

Privilege Fee Committee meets with Lafene Health Center

The Privilege Fee Committee takes a break from debating an increase to Counseling Services allocations to meet with Lafene Health Center and look at financial projections.

College of arts and sciences decides not to raise tuition

The College of Arts and Sciences decides not to raise college fees for the second year in a row, despite drops in enrollment.

Privilege Fee Committee debates raising Counseling Services allocations

SGA's Privilege Fee Committee reconvenes to continue debates about increasing allocations for Counseling Services.

Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approves new process for fee proposals, approval

The Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approved a new, streamlined process for approving college tuition and fees.

Counseling Services seeks privilege fee increase

Counseling Services director Dan Larson spoke to the Privilege Fee committee about how a privilege fee increase could help mitigate new challenges such as a more-than-150 percent increase in demand.

Department of Modern Languages faces budget callbacks

The pending budget callbacks from the College of Arts and Sciences could potentially result in program cuts from the Department of Modern Languages.

SGA recommends increase for fine arts privilege fee

This week's Student Senate meeting saw legislation to increase the fine arts privilege fee and amend SGA's constitution.

Student expenses outpace consumer national average at K-State

The Economics Club released its annual Student Price Index, a report that tracks changes in the prices of goods associated with being a K-State student.

University to announce 4.48 percent budget recall from its colleges

The fall 2017 enrollment plunge and funding woes force more budget cuts.

Collegian Media Group proposes budget increase to Privilege Fee Committee

The Collegian Media Group presented its case for a budgetary increase to the Privilege Fee Committee on Monday.

SGA introduces solutions for increasing diversity within student senate

In this week's SGA meeting, the student senate made multiple proposals to improve diversity within the senate. Other topics discussed included privilege fees and the Center for Student Involvement.

BREAKING: Fall enrollment down nearly 1,000 students

K-State enrollment for the fall 2017 semester drops to 22,795.

KSDB roundtable discusses tuition increases

KSDB invited Sen. Tom Hawk, vice president of finance Cindy Bontrager and Student Governing Association reps to discuss budget cuts and how they affect tuition.

Another round of tuition increases, budget cuts for fall semester

Kansas Board of Regents approves tuition increase request at June meeting.

Students approve 3 percent tuition increase

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee recommended that tuition increase by no more than 3 percent in an early-morning meeting on Thursday.

Guest editorial: A threat to K-State’s shared-governance model

A former SGA senator writes about the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

Students approve university-wide fee for Business building, renovations

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee approved a $4 per-credit-hour fee to raise $1 million for academic building renovation and maintenance and $900,000 for the Business building project.

Engineering dean asks president to ‘ignore’ students, increase fees

The dean of the College of Engineering wants "to convince President Myers to ignore" the vote of the students on the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.