Regents approve K-State tuition increase

In the wake of recent cuts to the higher education budget, Kansas college students are facing rising tuition costs.

Kinesiology, personal financial planning representatives vote in favor of course fee increases

Both fee proposals faced very little debate before being voted upon.

Committee votes to increase engineering course fees $15 per credit hour

The proposed increase would bring course fees in the College of Engineering to $99 per credit hour.

TFSC decides to accept two departmental fees, vows to craft new department fee proposal...

After struggling with whether or not to accept department course fee increases for kinesiology and personal financial planning, the committee decided to move forward with the promise of a new process.

Privilege Fee Committee recommends a continuous increase to Lafene, tables Counseling Services increase

The Privilege Fee Committee recommends a 1.5 percent privilege fee allocation increase to Student Health Services.

College of arts and sciences decides not to raise tuition

The College of Arts and Sciences decides not to raise college fees for the second year in a row, despite drops in enrollment.

TFSC validates College of Engineering committee’s vote to approve fee increase

At the end of a long discussion, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee decided to approve the vote in favor of a $15 per credit hour fee increase for the College of Engineering.

Privilege Fee Committee meets with Diversity Programming Committee chair

The committee heard a proposal from the Diversity Programming Committee on Monday.

Despite student support, TFSC hesitates to accept two proposed fee increases

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee pondered the implications of accepting two departmental fees, which is unprecedented.

Department of Modern Languages faces budget callbacks

The pending budget callbacks from the College of Arts and Sciences could potentially result in program cuts from the Department of Modern Languages.

After review, tuition and fees committee approves review of College of Arts and Sciences...

The College of Arts and Science's $16.70 per-credit-hour fee is used appropriately, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee decided.

The College of Engineering received a fee increase last year. There may be another...

A college tuition committee will evaluate the fee in the coming weeks.

Effects of this year’s budget cuts lie in the hands of division leaders

The Board of Regents decided to keep tuition flat for resident undergraduate students with a 1.5 percent increase for graduate and non-resident undergraduate students.

TFSC approves College of Human Ecology fee review

The vote took place on Oct. 8.

Get to know a fee proposal: Why Hale Library is requesting $1 per credit...

Eighty percent of money raised through a fee proposal goes toward upgrades and improvements at Hale Library while the remaining 20 percent goes toward maintenance.

Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approves new process for fee proposals, approval

The Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approved a new, streamlined process for approving college tuition and fees.

College of Business Administration proposes third fee increase in three years

Students in business classes hear details on final phase of student fee increase.

Architecture fee discussed at Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee meeting

Tim de Noble, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, presented to the committee about the college's $40 per-credit-hour technology fee.

Student committee recommends current level of agriculture, architecture fees

The TFSC members voted 10-0 to continue a $20 per-credit-hour agriculture fee and a $40 per-credit-hour architecture fee.

Students approve 3 percent tuition increase

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee recommended that tuition increase by no more than 3 percent in an early-morning meeting on Thursday.