‘Worst case scenario:’ 5 percent K-State tuition increase, 4 percent budget cut to colleges

The K-State Budget Advisory Committee has begun to look at possible tuition rates for fiscal year 2018.

Student committee hears business and academic fee proposals

A proposed $4 campus-wide per-credit-hour fee would help the College of Business pay off its new building.

Student committee hears arts and sciences, engineering fee increase proposals

Tightened budgets from the state and university prompt the colleges of Engineering and Arts and Sciences to seek higher per-credit-hour fees.

K-State Libraries, Wildcat Watch present to SGA Privilege Fee Committee, request funding

K-State students could be paying for additional services with the increased campus-wide privilege fee next semester.

Student committee recommends current level of agriculture, architecture fees

The TFSC members voted 10-0 to continue a $20 per-credit-hour agriculture fee and a $40 per-credit-hour architecture fee.

Architecture fee discussed at Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee meeting

Tim de Noble, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, presented to the committee about the college's $40 per-credit-hour technology fee.

‘Fees are heroin,’ K-State at financial breaking point

Pat Bosco, vice president of student life and dean of students, said fees are heroin and Kansas State is at a financial breaking point during a Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee meeting.

College of Business Administration proposes third fee increase in three years

Students in business classes hear details on final phase of student fee increase.

Arts and Sciences $10 per-credit-hour fee increase: from an idea to a proposal

A timeline of events regarding the proposal for an additional $10 per-credit-hour fee in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Brownback challenges universities to make $15K degree, proposes K-State budget cut

One day after Gov. Sam Brownback challenged Kansas colleges and universities to create a $15,000 bachelor's degree, he proposed a $2 million budget cut to K-State.

Rising costs of higher education linger on students’ minds

Tuition, housing and living expenses are a point of concern for some Kansas State students.

Committee discusses tuition, fees models

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee met for the last time before winter break.

Regents approve K-State tuition increase

In the wake of recent cuts to the higher education budget, Kansas college students are facing rising tuition costs.

Students will pay more in tuition, fees in fall

Fee increase proposals were voted on at the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee as K-State seeks greater tuition increase than originally proposed.

Business fee proposal approved by committee

A fee proposal from the College of Business Administration was approved by the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

Get to know a fee proposal: What Arts and Sciences will do with $8.70...

The College of Arts and Sciences plans to use added fee money to increase graduate teaching assistant stipends and hire additional professional advisers.

Advising fee proposal rejected by committee

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee rejects a per-credit-hour fee proposal for advising and delays the decision on the College of Business fee proposal.

Advising fee increase discussed at weekly committee meeting

The Tuition Strategies and Fees Committee discussed an increase in advising fees at its Tuesday meeting.

Get to know a fee proposal: Why Hale Library is requesting $1 per credit...

Eighty percent of money raised through a fee proposal goes toward upgrades and improvements at Hale Library while the remaining 20 percent goes toward maintenance.

K-State College of Business proposes $15 per-credit-hour fee increase

College gets down to business by proposing a $15 per-credit-hour fee increase to decrease class sizes.