K-State College of Business proposes $15 per-credit-hour fee increase

College gets down to business by proposing a $15 per-credit-hour fee increase to decrease class sizes.

Counseling Services seeks privilege fee increase

Counseling Services director Dan Larson spoke to the Privilege Fee committee about how a privilege fee increase could help mitigate new challenges such as a more-than-150 percent increase in demand.

Privilege Fee Committee moves to increase Counseling Services’ allocations

The weeks-long debate for an increase to the Counseling Services' privilege fee allocation concludes with a motion to draft legislation for a recurring five percent increase over the next three years.

After review, tuition and fees committee approves review of College of Arts and Sciences...

The College of Arts and Science's $16.70 per-credit-hour fee is used appropriately, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee decided.

Privilege Fee Committee debates raising Counseling Services allocations

SGA's Privilege Fee Committee reconvenes to continue debates about increasing allocations for Counseling Services.

Student committee hears business and academic fee proposals

A proposed $4 campus-wide per-credit-hour fee would help the College of Business pay off its new building.

Committee discusses tuition, fees models

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee met for the last time before winter break.

Privilege Fee Committee recommends a continuous increase to Lafene, tables Counseling Services increase

The Privilege Fee Committee recommends a 1.5 percent privilege fee allocation increase to Student Health Services.

Student committee hears arts and sciences, engineering fee increase proposals

Tightened budgets from the state and university prompt the colleges of Engineering and Arts and Sciences to seek higher per-credit-hour fees.

TFSC votes to accept review of College of Business Administration’s $65 surcharge fee

For the third week, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee met to review the per-credit-hour surcharge for the College of Business Administration which is $65.

Business fee proposal approved by committee

A fee proposal from the College of Business Administration was approved by the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee.

Collegian Media Group proposes budget increase to Privilege Fee Committee

The Collegian Media Group presented its case for a budgetary increase to the Privilege Fee Committee on Monday.

Privilege Fee Committee meets with Lafene Health Center

The Privilege Fee Committee takes a break from debating an increase to Counseling Services allocations to meet with Lafene Health Center and look at financial projections.

Advising fee increase discussed at weekly committee meeting

The Tuition Strategies and Fees Committee discussed an increase in advising fees at its Tuesday meeting.

Privilege Fee Committee continues review of request to increase Lafene funds

A week after touring Lafene Health Center, the Privilege Fee Committee continued meetings with Lafene representatives to review a request for an increase in funds.

Student committee recommends current level of agriculture, architecture fees

The TFSC members voted 10-0 to continue a $20 per-credit-hour agriculture fee and a $40 per-credit-hour architecture fee.

Tuition fees committee grapples with influence on subcommittees

The Tuition Fees and Strategies Committee contemplated future changes in its interaction with deans and college tuition committees.

TFSC approves College of Human Ecology fee review

The vote took place on Oct. 8.

Privilege Fee Committee recommends continuance for Campus Entertainment Fund

The Privilege Fee Committee recommends the Campus Entertainment Fund receive a continuance on their allocated $150,000.

KSDB roundtable discusses tuition increases

KSDB invited Sen. Tom Hawk, vice president of finance Cindy Bontrager and Student Governing Association reps to discuss budget cuts and how they affect tuition.