BREAKING: Fall enrollment down nearly 1,000 students

K-State enrollment for the fall 2017 semester drops to 22,795.

Tuition committee: Increases could be smallest in over a decade

Even though the prospects of state funding were unclear, TFSC evaluated next year's possible tuition rates.

K-State Libraries, Wildcat Watch present to SGA Privilege Fee Committee, request funding

K-State students could be paying for additional services with the increased campus-wide privilege fee next semester.

Another round of tuition increases, budget cuts for fall semester

Kansas Board of Regents approves tuition increase request at June meeting.

Kinesiology, personal financial planning heads make case for course fee increases

The Department of Kinesiology introduced a $15 course fee increase, and the Institute of Personal Financial Planning introduced a $50 increase.

KSDB roundtable discusses tuition increases

KSDB invited Sen. Tom Hawk, vice president of finance Cindy Bontrager and Student Governing Association reps to discuss budget cuts and how they affect tuition.

Architecture fee discussed at Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee meeting

Tim de Noble, dean of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, presented to the committee about the college's $40 per-credit-hour technology fee.

Committee discusses tuition, fees models

The Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee met for the last time before winter break.

TFSC votes to accept review of College of Business Administration’s $65 surcharge fee

For the third week, the Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee met to review the per-credit-hour surcharge for the College of Business Administration which is $65.

TFSC approves College of Human Ecology fee review

The vote took place on Oct. 8.

Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approves new process for fee proposals, approval

The Tuition and Fees Strategy Committee approved a new, streamlined process for approving college tuition and fees.

SGA introduces solutions for increasing diversity within student senate

In this week's SGA meeting, the student senate made multiple proposals to improve diversity within the senate. Other topics discussed included privilege fees and the Center for Student Involvement.

‘Worst case scenario:’ 5 percent K-State tuition increase, 4 percent budget cut to colleges

The K-State Budget Advisory Committee has begun to look at possible tuition rates for fiscal year 2018.

Privilege Fee Committee recommends continuance for Campus Entertainment Fund

The Privilege Fee Committee recommends the Campus Entertainment Fund receive a continuance on their allocated $150,000.

Privilege Fee Committee debates raising Counseling Services allocations

SGA's Privilege Fee Committee reconvenes to continue debates about increasing allocations for Counseling Services.

Privilege Fee Committee meets with Lafene Health Center

The Privilege Fee Committee takes a break from debating an increase to Counseling Services allocations to meet with Lafene Health Center and look at financial projections.

K-State College of Business proposes $15 per-credit-hour fee increase

College gets down to business by proposing a $15 per-credit-hour fee increase to decrease class sizes.

SGA recommends increase for fine arts privilege fee

This week's Student Senate meeting saw legislation to increase the fine arts privilege fee and amend SGA's constitution.

Arts and Sciences $10 per-credit-hour fee increase: from an idea to a proposal

A timeline of events regarding the proposal for an additional $10 per-credit-hour fee in the College of Arts and Sciences.

‘Fees are heroin,’ K-State at financial breaking point

Pat Bosco, vice president of student life and dean of students, said fees are heroin and Kansas State is at a financial breaking point during a Tuition and Fees Strategies Committee meeting.