Wednesday, September 19, 2018


OPINION: Smoking ban hardly noticeable without enforcement of rules

Kansas State's smoking ban may have cleared the air a little, but how much can it really help without a way to enforce the rules?

REVIEW: BlacKkKlansman is relevant to today’s racial tensions

Bill Bernard reviews the new film, BlacKkKlansman.

Letter to the editor: Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-Staters

Several student senators say Sen. Moran deserves thanks from K-State students for his Landon Lecture appearance.

OP-ED: Why Sen. Moran’s 9/11 K-State lecture was a tone-deaf disappointment

OP-ED: For a K-State Landon Lecture delivered on 9/11, Sen. Moran didn't talk about foreign policy or the War on Terror very much.

Ask a Professor: 8 productivity tips from K-State professors

Professors have Ph.D.s for a reason. We asked them how they manage their time so you can live your best life.

REVIEW: “God Bless the Broken Road” trods well worn path of idealistic storytelling

From the director of “God’s Not Dead”, “God Bless the Broken Road” tries a new approach.

OP-ED: College used to be about personal growth. Now, it’s just career prep

Higher education used to be a way for students to expand their horizons, but all anyone seems to care about now is career prospects and job preparation.

Letter to the editor: Tailgating was a mess, students should clean up trash

Jon Ungerer, K-State alumni, said it's hard to enjoy a tailgate when students aren't taking care of their trash.